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Engine Mobile ParentShield Network Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy ( AUP )

ParentShield is a special mobile phone network for the protection of vulnerable people. It provides advanced features for monitoring and control. If you are making calls to one of our Account Holders, and are concerned that you may be affected you should read the notice below.

A few terms:

End User refers to a third party making calls to an Engine Mobile Subscriber being the Account Holder or Designated User of the ParentShield account.

Account Holder refers to the customers of Engine Mobile Ltd. that provides a mobile telephony service via the public telephony system. The Account Holder will have provided the ParentShield SIM card for use in a mobile phone by their Designated User.

This policy and document applies to End Users of the ParentShield Network. The Network being a mobile telephone network MVNO Service operated and Provided By Engine Mobile Ltd. incorporated in the UK. This policy and Service description doesn’t affect any statutory rights or responsibilities set out in relevant legislation regarding the provision or use of a mobile telephony platform.

The Network provides secured and monitored mobile telephony services with additional and advanced features designed to provide an additional layer of protection for the Designated Users of the network under the supervision of the Account Holder.

The purpose of this website and document is to explain the function of the ParentShield Network, described as the Service, and to explain the additional rights afforded to the End Users of the Service.

The Service:

The Service provides a traditional mobile phone service with additional features and security measures designed for the protection of minors or vulnerable persons as well as provide a safe platform for training and education. These additional services include optional call and message recording and screening, time controls and data usage controls. As a result of these facilities the calls or SMS ( text ) messages made to or from the ParentShield Network may be recorded for training or security purposes.

Your Additional Rights:

ParentShield provides end users additional rights to End Users in recognition of the additional security measures afforded to the Account Holder by the Service.
The Network recognises a right to be informed of these additional features described as the Service above.
The Network recognises the responsibility to operate fairly and encourages all communication with any concerns which can be made via the contact details set out at the foot of this page.
The Network recognises the right of access to data held and on request will provide to users of the service details held by the Network. In practice this will be identical to the call history and message history on the telephone device used to call the Network. Recorded calls are securely encrypted and only available to the Network Subscriber via their Online Portal and secured by 2048 bit cryptographic key. To request contact with the Account Holder please use the form or contact details below.
The Network recognises the right to rectification of any data held and encourages contact in the case of any concerns.

For a full description of the Service features and facilities, visit our website: https://engine-mobile.co.uk

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