Who is the service for?

ParentShield is a service designed to be ideal for parents and legal guardians of young or vulnerable people. ParentShield provides far better safety and control that a normal mobile phone network.

The network is ideal for all children up to the age of 16 as well as people over 16 who have disability or the need for their communications to be monitored or better controlled.

How long is data stored for?

All Data is hosted securely encrypted in the UK, and is destroyed securely after 6 months.

How does the service comply with Data protection or Privacy laws?

We have taken a large amount of time to ensure that our service complies with these laws.

Normal public mobile telephone services aren’t built from the ground up with protection in mind, like ParentShield is. ParentShield has all the necessary policies, procedures and safeguards in place to ensure that the service can provide necessary protection to our customers while respecting the rights of everyone using the service.

In practice, our service is the same as a parent monitoring the websites that their child visits, which is recommended by large organisations who deal with safeguarding, as guardians have a legal responsibility to protect vulnerable people in their care.

To respect the rights of third parties, only children or vulnerable persons are allowed to use ParentShield.  Where possible and safe to do so we notify inbound callers that their call may be recorded.

Calls are stored securely within the EEA , can only be accessed using the most secure SSL encryption protocols, and ONLY by the account holder. Calls and SMS messages are deleted securely when required.